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The Queen and the Olders


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Sunny and Raymond were both undercover officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Their mission is to dismantle an organized crime group, The Queens, the biggest gang in Canada. The two did not know each other.

Sunny met his high school sweetheart, and he was ashamed of her nobleness and knowledge. She misunderstood Sunny that he was really a gang leader and prepared to leave. Sunny was at a loss for words.

Raymond fell in love with the gang boss’s daughter. He gradually acquiesced to the gang’s actions and finally became a renegade. Raymond’s first job was to find and root out another undercover officer. At the same time, Sunny had to get the required evidence before his identity was exposed. A deadly game of cat and mouse between themselves had commenced.

Following the heart-stopping sci-fi thriller Atomic Trap, Bryan Law returns with The Queen and the Olders, another captivating police detective thriller. Like its predecessor, this novel delivers a riveting, logical detective-style plot packed with unexpected twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.




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